Anybody doing any last minute shopping?

Looking for a last minute gift basket?

I’m running a special on handmade Jute and Wool baskets, in different sizes.

Small baskets have 3 products in them, come with a 4 inch diameter homemade gift basket that includes 1 salve/oil, 1 tea and 1 tincture of your choice for $20.

Medium baskets have 5 products in them, come with a 5 inch diameter basket which includes 2 salves/oils, 2 tea and 1 tincture of your choice for $30.

Large baskets have 7 products in them, comes with a 6 inch diameter basket and includes 3 salves/oils, 2 teas, 2 tinctures and are $40.

Listing of products available on website. Save time and money on shipping for pickups local to Southern New Jersey!

Please order directly with me, via email ( or phone (856-455-2294 NO TEXTS) as my website shopping cart has been acting crazy!!

IMG_2412 IMG_2410 IMG_2405 IMG_2394 IMG_2392 IMG_2390

2 Replies to “Anybody doing any last minute shopping?”

  1. I love my basket! The product iside is awesome, I use the lip balm daily, and the first aid salve works wonders on the dry cracks on my fingers.

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