What is The Great Full Garden?

My name is Jamie and I want to share my passion for gardening and small scale food production.I believe that sustainable backyard food production is the future of our food system and that sustainable and permaculture methods will become a keystone development for a thriving world.

So many people love the beauty and practicality of having a garden but don’t know where to begin. I believe there’s no such thing as a green thumb, or a black thumb, only a calloused thumb. All it takes is observation and dedication.

I am dedicated to 100%  earth-friendly, people-friendly production. I use limited amounts of organic fertilizers and rarely irrigate. I never use pesticides, not even organic ones.  Like many people turning to sustainable food production, I believe that the only way to save our food system is to focus on soil restoration. I combine composting, vermicomposting, hugelkultur and mycelium production to create a dynamic, living soil that feeds my plants and retains moisture. I also focus on perennial plants, which harness carbon, thus reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

My focus is helping people learn to start and care for their own gardens in this same manner.

I do consultations, designs, installations and maintenance. We’ll design and transform your garden together. I specialize in food production, but also have extensive knowledge of native, pollinator gardens and medicinal gardens.

Each year I have a huge selection of organic, heirloom plants for sale. Produced with sustainability in mind, my greenhouse runs completely off solar energy, I reuse plastic pots, milk cartons and yogurt containers and spend a good portion of the winter making recycled paper pots.  My obsession with keeping this business sustainable is paramount. If I can’t do it sustainably I don’t do it.

I also sell my own blends of medicinal herbs for tea, tinctures, infused oils, salves and lip balms. My homegrown herbs are lovingly processed in small batch recipes and are for sale throughout the year.

So if you’re like me, and only the highest grade ingredients, from sustainably produced sources MATTERS…please get in touch. I’ll ship to anywhere in the US, though please remember that local is best, and I bet there’s someone just like me very near to you who could also use your support.



Jamie Warner


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