First Aid Salve

Organic comfrey, copperleaf, plantain and yarrow with wild-harvested jewelweed make this first aid salve a top choice for bumps, bruises, minor burns, bites, rashes, scrapes and more.

Nettle Balm

Get topical support for arthritis pain with stinging nettle balm. 

Skin Saver Salve

For any application where the skin becomes chapped, this salve has Organic Marshmallow and Organic Calendula to soothe skin and keep it hydrated for proper healing.

Lip Balms

Hibiscus Kiss
Plain Jane

Infused Oil

Arnica + Chamomile Massage Oil

Together chamomile and arnica are perfect for gently restoring muscles and relaxing after a long day.

Frankincense and Fur

A light yet nourishing beard oil with just a touch of fragrant frankincense in a base of rosemary-infused, sweet almond oil. 

Jewelweed Infused Oil

Find yourself with more than just a patch of poison ivy? Jewelweed infused grapeseed oil nourishes the skin and heals a poison ivy rash

Mullein and Garlic Oil

Traditional use is as ear drops for infections but mullein and garlic oil is