My garden in Bridgeton, NJ.
I grow veggies, herbs and native plants on my 1/3 acre in Bridgeton City. In 7 years of owning my home I have spent all that time rehabbing the soil so that I can use minimal organic fertilizers and very little irrigation. Also, you’re eyes do not deceive you, most of my weeds I let STAY. Many of what we call weeds these days are actually edible AND medicinal.

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Job in Audubon, NJ…an herbalist wants to turn her shady property into a plant-filled paradise. But first we had to do something about that pesky woodpile in the backyard.

Not quite a hugelkultur yet, just a pile of wood form a fallen down tree.

Not quite a hugelkultur yet, just a pile of wood form a fallen down tree.

Placing the logs...

Placing the logs…

Packing in the manure and compost.

Packing in the manure and compost.

Not quite finished...still needs plants!

Not quite finished…still needs plants!


  1. Darlene Sanders

    Dear Jamie,
    First thank you for caring about our planet and it’s sustainability. I hate the disposable society we’ve become.
    I own a house with about an acre in South Vineland that has ZERO landscaping. I’ve been away 18 years and some rough life changes led me home again.
    I want to do a small garden. I’m having the last of three surgeries in two weeks – major stomach issues – that drives me to eat as clean and healthy as possible. My parents live next door and are both diabetic so this would benefit them also. Something small, wildlife proof and not hugely labor intensive.
    I love your approach and attitude but don’t have alot of money. Any suggestions of where to start are appreciated. Would love to chat with you.
    Have a great day

    • Jamie Warner

      Hey Darlene! I responded to the email you sent to me, I’d love to check out your place in person and talk more about what you’d like to grow. 🙂


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